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Hello from Olympia’s Original Rock Band!

Wow!!! That was a BLAST!!!!! Last night we competed in round 3 of the Battle of the Puget Sound Bands in Club Galaxy at the Muckleshoot Casino! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share the stage with Lana’s Garage, and the winner of round 3, Crossing Crusades…best of luck to you in the Finals!!


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Next up for Lemmings:

Saturday, 28 July, 2018: Lemmings will be sharing the stage with four other great bands at The Mermaid Deli and Pub in Westport, WA for Poor Man’s Biker Night at the Beach. This coincides with Biker’s at the Beach Weekend, so come early and plan to have a kick ass night of rock music at the beach!! Lemmings from 8 – 8:45!


Stay tuned here and on Facebook for more details of other upcoming performances.

ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU to the folks at KAOS FM 89.3 for inviting us to the station to rock out ‘on the record’. We feel blessed to have been blasted out in space!! If you missed the live broadcast, you can check it out forever right HERE. Thank you so much for listening!

We’ll see you soon…!

Thanks to KAOS 89.3 in Olympia for getting Lemmings on-air!



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