December 8, 2021

Like everyone else Lemmings have done the best we can to keep positive and moving forward during “the pandemic year.”  It’s been a challenge to keep engaged with each other and of course our fans. But fear not, we’ve taken to time to brush up on some original songs and learn a few tricks about recording remotely and working toward release some new music sometime at the beginning of 2021. Keep in touch and be safe and healthy!

Thanks to KAOS 89.3 in Olympia for playing Lemmings Volume 1 on-air!


March 31, 2019: We apologize for any emotional distress and anxiety that our silence causes you. We hope that you are feeling well, and there is no gastric unpleasantries as a result! There is good reason for our silence; and very soon we will be sharing newly recorded music with you…followed by what we hope to best our greatest gig season to date! See you very soon!

October 6, 2018: Another rainy, but excellent Artswalk in the books! Thanks again to Capital City Guitars for the invitation…Lemmings are back to working hard at Follow Me Studios, recording dirty tracks for an upcoming EP with 8 brand new songs! We will still try and get out a few times this fall/winter, and are certainly looking forward to next summer’s lineup…stay tuned!

July 20, 2018: Last night, Lemmings played on the  Galaxy Club main stage in the Muckleshoot Casino as one of nine bands selected to compete in the 2018 Battle of the Puget Sound Bands! What a blast! Thanks to all of the hard working professionals at the Muckleshoot for making us sound great; and for the amazing opportunity!! Cheers to great times, and to new friends!

July 8, 2018: What a wonderful rocking weekend with two open air shows, on two different days, spanning over 70 miles…this season feels like a mini tour! A couple of week off to prep, and then we take our ‘A’ game to Westport for Bikers at the Beach Weekend. The fun continues with some great out of town opportunities to share our music…hope to see you around!

March 21, 2018: Spring is in the air! We’re getting set to play our first gig of the year at Ben Moore’s in downtown Olympia! Our special guest, Micaiah Sawyer, recently won the 2018 MoPop Sound Off Competition in Seattle – so we are really interested in hearing her with her band! You should join us!! We will be adding some gigs to our calendar, so keep your sights focused here, and we will see you out there! Oh…and … WE’RE GOING TO BE ON THE RADIO TOMORROW!!! Go back to the main page and listen!!!

August 6, 2017: Hey, where did June/July go!?!?!? We have been having so much fun playing out on our ‘tour’ this summer that we lost track of time! So far, we have made a few great new friends along the way, and look forward to the rest of the summer. Be sure to catch us at a performance near you!!

July 3, 2017: Great couple weeks of shows at Ben Moores, Rhythm and Rye and Oly Underground. Really enjoyed getting out and playing in a couple new venues for us and looking forward to repeat performances!

April 13, 2017: Thanks to KAOS 89.3 FM here in Olympia for broadcasting our music to the world, and beyond. Old school rock and rollers like us, who have worked at music all their lives (time permitting), always dream of this moment. THIS is what propels us to try even harder. Much more to come. Lemmings for life!

March 26, 2017: Volume One is completed and is ON SALE NOW. You can purchase a CD from us for $10 by contacting us directly through our Facebook page or via email at Please spread the good word!

February 15, 2017: We’ve finished our latest studio project and have rough mixes that we are sharing. Looking to do some final mastering and then will schedule a CD release party! Yes we are actually printing and distributing CD’s. While we will have all our songs online and distributing in other ways, we wanted to craft a CD with original art and care that we enjoy as artists (not to mention we grew up with them!). So let us know how you would like to hear us and we’ll hook you up!

June 20, 2016: First day of summer and we are breaking through the filtered marine layer and letting the sun shine thru! We are gearing up for at least 3 more shows this summer and hope to see you all there. We are also trying to get something going in August at one of new favorite spots downtown. Check out our gigs page for more information – and see you soon!

February 14, 2016: Happy Valentines Day Lemmings! We are ready to have a great season as we continue to receive confirmation of local live performance opportunities…stay tuned!

December 21, 2015: Shortest day of the year. Happy Birthday, Mom – Love you. Everyone else: Be sure to check out Lemmings at Le Voyeur in downtown Olympia on New Years Day night. Bring some love with ya. See you there!

July 11, 2015:…and finally: Lemmings has finished the recording, mixing and mastering process of our Don’t Look Down original music project. Tangible CD’s are in the works, and digital versions can be streamed right here. Share with all your peeps!

June 10, 2013: After a few weeks off, Lemmings got together and began brainstorming ideas for original music and the road ahead. We can’t tell you much, because there really is not THAT much to tell…but we think that the future looks bright! It was great to practice and blow off some steam too! Much more to come…

May 20, 2013: Thanks to everyone who came out in support of our first outing at this years Lacey Spring Fun Fair!!! We were pleased to see so many people rockin’ out to out music! Our site will be updated soon with pictures and video from the event. Be sure to keep checking back for future events, and be sure to Like us on Facebook so that you are always in the know…

May 10, 2013: More details about our gig next weekend have been posted on the Lacey Spring Fun Fair Site –

March 19, 2013: Come and hang out with us at The Lacey Fun Fair and our debut gig! Details can be found here now, and at the Lacey Fun Fair website soon.

February 14, 2013: Linked the ‘Songs’ page to the ‘Media/Music’ MP3 downloads of our demo songs…great idea Kirwin. Thanks!

February 13, 2013: Added a gallary of pictures this evening under Media/Photos from our photo shoot on 2/2/13. Our photographer tells us that when is she done with the edits, we will look as good as Beyonce!!!!

February 12, 2013: We are working feverishly to get up to speed here!!! Last Saturday we had a photo shoot in several locations around town. The results are awesome (Thanks to Chantay Anderson!!!!), and will soon become incorporated into the site! Soon, we will also have a Facebook page so that when the wheels hit the pavement, everyone can stay informed and get to know one another!