Jake – Guitar and Vocals


Birthdate: Sagittarius

Gear: Fender Strats; Vox AC15; variety of stomps (shoes and pedals); Yamaha Clavinova

Musical Bio: Started playing piano at age 6 years, began guitar at age 13 – primarily self-taught, but influenced by many.  Sang for my High School Concert Choir and a select madrigal A Capella group named ‘Meistersingers’. After joining the Air Force in 1987, I played lead guitar and sang in various bands throughout my travels to include: Silent Reply, Split Decizion, and Stagefright. Now that I am retired from the Air Force, I am happy to return home to Western Washington, and to plant new roots in Olympia, WA…and very happy to be a Lemming!!!

Musical Influences: Tom Petty; George Harrison; Joe Walsh; Peter Buck; James Taylor; Bonnie Raitt; George Lynch; Stevie Ray Vaughan; Rob Halford; Sting; Linda Ronstadt; Nina Gordon; Aretha Franklin.

Top 5: (always subject to change with my current mood) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Damn The Torpedoes; Eric Johnson – Venus Isle; Nina Gordon – Tonight and the Rest of My Life; Heart – Desire Walks On; Rush – Hemispheres.

Yo’s: Olympia! Being retired from the military; my job at The Evergreen State College; locksmithing; vintage Porsches; riding my bicycle (everywhere); the beautiful pacific NW; cool rainy weather; coffee; Mariners Baseball; Stagefright; Lemmings!; starting new projects

No’s: Intolerance; being the boss; Mississippi; the fact that (Bickendorf) Germany is so far away; hurricanes; breaking a string on a ripping solo; hot muggy weather; flying; I-5 traffic; finishing projects

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