Jonathan – Bass and Vocals


Birth date: Aquarius

Gear: Heidrich Fender-style basses, Gallian Kruger amplification

Musical Bio: Have been in the local music scene since 2004. Playing bass since I was 13 and I also enjoy playing a telecaster and writing music.

Musical Influences: Came of age in the 80’s in rural Maine and tapped into whatever metal scene was there at the time, still love hard rock and new wave from that era.  Influences come in all forms musically including The Police, Rush, Interpol, ska punk and reggae and contemporary hard rock, prog rock and pop.

Top 5: Radiohead, Rush, Cracker, Stereolab, Miles Davis

Yo’s: The great Northwest, public television. tolerance and joy and new ideas. Vintage guitars and building Franken-basses. Reading historical fiction and sci-fi. Learning from mistakes and accidents. Playing on stage and recording in the studio.  Watching my girls grow up.

No’s: Complacency, apathy and injustice.  Bad attitudes.  Leaf blowers.

Jonno on Stage