Chuck – Drums


Photo by Chantay Anderson

Name/Nickname:   Chuck

Gear: 7 piece Pacific Drums by DW with Sabian Cymbals

Birthdate:  Cancer

Musical Bio: Started playing percussion instruments in 1982 with the guidance of a couple of very strong drummers. Bought my first set of drums in 1984 with money from my paper route and started teaching myself how to play by listening to my Walkman and banging away to the beats. My neighbors and I started a band soon after called Cazh (shortened and modified version of it’s “cas”ual). We played a few local high school and church functions around Olympia and Lacey. Also played in a couple of bands (Dr. Feelgood Jones and Company and Canyon) doing old 60’s and 70’s tunes with guys that were twice my age. Still love to put on a set of headphones and try to make the walls shake for all they are worth.
Music Influences: The Police; Van Halen; Rush; U2; The Clash; The Sex Pistols;
Top 5: Van Halen – I; Rush – Moving Pictures; The Clash – London Calling; The Cars – The Cars; Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill
Yo’s: Motorcycles; hunting, camping and fishing with my kids; working on cars; home improvements; watching movies; shooting; Dean Koontz books
No’s: Bad drivers; taxes; anti-gun laws; lack of common sense